I hopped on my iOS Amazon app today and I noticed a promotion going on to receive a $10 off my next Amazon purchase when I setup Amazon 1-Click with my Citi credit card. This offer is targeted, but I would still check your Amazon app to see if you have the promotion!

The promotion reads:

Get $10 off at Amazon.com

To get $10 off your next purchase of qualifying products from Amazon.com with your Citi card, just change your 1-Click payment method to an eligible Citi credit card.

How to qualify?

I believe I received this offer because I have a Citi card linked to my Amazon.com account, but Citi is not my payment option for my 1-Click payment option. So if you’re looking to score the same $10 offer, I would make sure to add a Citi card onto your Amazon account, but do not set it up as your main card. Hopefully this will trigger the offer.

If you don’t have 1-Click payment setup, I would also do that to see if it will trigger the $10 offer. Again, don’t set a Citi card as your 1-Click payment option, otherwise you won’t see this offer.

Here’s what you want to look for when you open the app:

Citi Amazon 10 dollar credit

Open up your Amazon app on either iOS or Android to see if you you can view the $10 credit offer on the homepage.

Once you change your your Amazon 1-Click payment over to a Citi card, just place your next order via 1-Click and you’ll receive a $10 credit!

Citi Amazon 1 click credit

Enjoy $10 free because you setup your Amazon 1-Click with your Citi card!

Terms of Service on this offer:

I won’t post the entire terms, but basically the offer is valid until May 19, 2015. The $10 credit is valid on physical items only that are sold and shipped by Amazon. Therefore, gift cards, Kindle eBooks, instant videos, MP3s, and all other digital downloads and content are not eligible for this purchase. Limit 1 credit per customer.


Now if I were you and I got this credit, I would just order a physical gift card off of Amazon. This is what I normally do when these promos happen. I shop at Whole Foods every week, so I often will hop on Amazon and buy a Whole Foods gift card and then receive my statement credit. Just make sure you by a physical gift card and not a downloadable one.