Just like that, American Airlines has increased the redemption rate on how many miles are required for their AAnytime flights. I WAS getting ready to book my trip over to Europe the 2nd week of July next week, but now I need to go back to the drawing board and re-plan my flights. One of my tickets was going to be an First AAnytime for 125,000 miles. However, now American Airlines has bumped the required miles up to 175,000! My stomach turned a little bit when I logged in the next day to make sure my flight was still available (my miles won’t post to my account until next week.) 

I’m flying from Minneapolis / St. Paul >> London Heathrow. Then I am going to book another ticket from Hanover, Germany >> Minneapolis (this ticket is now gone.) With my new route that I’m going to go, it’s going to take a total of 135,000 miles + $907 (darn you AA and your partnership with British Airways!) 

So the lesson in this short post is to NEVER sit on your miles if you know you have a trip coming up. Book right away, because just like that, miles can be devalued overnight and your ticket can be gone!