Have you ever thought about what might be the most elite credit card you could carry in your wallet? The American Express Centurion (also know as the American Express Black Card) is not available to the general public and is offered by invite only. The Amex Centurion card is for the 1% in this world, meaning those who have millions or even billions in assets.

In my eyes, American Express is the Apple of credit cards. Apple has succeeded in the tech world in making people believe that their products are the most elegant and sophisticated. Other tech companies have tried to copy Apple, but they always seem to fall short in design and quality. American Express seems to create the same buzz in the credit card world with the Centurion card.

Cost of the Amex Centurion

The Amex Black Card comes with a $5,000 initiation fee and a $2,500 annual fee. The initiation fee does NOT include your first year’s annual fee! This means that you need to cough up $7,500 in fees the first year alone. Then of course you’ll drop back down to a cool $2,500 per year after that to carry one of the most sought after credit cards in the world. Make sure to keep your spending habits up on the card, because American Express can easily revoke it if you don’t continue to meet their standards.

How to qualify for the Amex Centurion card

There’s no specific guidelines to what earns you an invite for the Centurion card, but there’s been speculation on what triggers the Amex system to send you an invite.

  • Charge at least $250,000 to your Platinum card consistently every year.
  • Spending large amounts of money on luxury hotels, car rentals, clothing, and any other high end items the rich like to buy.
  • Spending $250,000 a year in gift cards does not qualify 🙂 No manufactured spending your way to the top with this card!
American Express Black Card

The American Express Centurion card comes with a $7,500 price tag your first year! Then you can continue to carry the card for only $2,500 per year after that.

Most sought after card

A 17 page thread and counting on FlyerTalk shows that people want this card! What attracts people to the Black Card so much? Is it for the status? Maybe it’s the fact that this is one card that most of us may never see in our lifetime. Whatever it may be, American Express has developed a buzz around a card that only encourages customers to spend EVEN MORE on their current Amex card so they can qualify for the Centurion card to feel privileged.

Whatever it may be, I’m totally hooked! I would take this card in a heartbeat if American Express ever offered it to me. That day will probably never come, but one can only dream 🙂

Requesting the black card will get you no where. You can call American Express and mention your spending habits and rant and rave about how much you spend on your Platinum card, but the chances of actually receiving one are next to none. The customer service representative will ‘notate your account’ but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

But I really want the Black Card!

Well you’re in luck! Good old eBay sells replicas of the Centurion card! They cost anywhere from around $50 all the way up into the hundreds for a real card. Of course the real card has been deactivated, but old card members seem to sell theirs online to make a quick buck.

My question is, why would a real Centurion card member sell their old one eBay? I can only assume they went bankrupt or the card has been stolen. Why would a millionaire or billionaire need to sell a card on eBay if they’re that rich? Beats me.

Amex Centurion sold on eBay

This Centurion card is being sold on eBay for $299 as a “collector’s item.” The card is deactivated, but feel free to carry it in your wallet to show off!

Benefits of the Centurion card

The benefits are actually pretty similar to the American Express Platinum card.

Points: Like the Platinum card, you’ll receive 1 Membership Reward per dollar spent. You can transfer your points to different airline partners like you would with another other Amex card that participates in the Membership Rewards program.

Airline Credit: You’ll receive up to $200 in qualifying airline credit. This means you can pick a participating airline each year and then receive up to $200 in reimbursment on items like checked bag fees, seat assignemtn fees, in-flight food and drink, change flight fees, etc. The Platinum card also offers the same benefit.

24/7 Concierge: The Platinum card also comes with this benefit, but supposedly the Centurion card is able to secure just about any dinning reservation, hotel room, theatre seat, etc. I would have to test this since the Platinum Concierge is mediocre. I don’t see how the Centurion concierge could get access to a table reservation when a restaurant is completely booked.

Airport Lounge Access: Centurion card members receive lounge access to Cathay Pacific lounges, Delta Sky Club lounges, and Centurion lounges with a valid ticket for same-day travel. Platinum card members also receive access to Delta Sky lounges and Centurion lounges with a valid same-day ticket.

Global Entry Refund: The non-refundable $100 application fee will be credited to your American Express Centurion card when you charge the fee to your card. Read here why I think you should have Global Entry over TSA Precheck. Platinum card members also benefit from this perk.

Starwood Gold Status: Receive instant Gold Status with SPG when you have the Centurion card. Simply call the number on the back of your card and American Express will connect you with SPG to get you upgraded to Gold. Platinum card members also benefit from this perk.


There are more benefits to the card, but as you can see the majority of the perks that matter are actually the same on the Platinum card! The Centurion card is purely for status and to flaunt the fact that you’re rich. I’m not sure if this is always a good thing, because the more attention you draw to yourself, the more risk you put yourself in.


Would you carry this card in your wallet if you ever received an invite?