If American Express keeps pushing forward with their lounges, Delta Sky Club members aren’t going to want to hang out in their lounges anymore. The Centurion lounge was by far one of the best lounges I’ve ever visited!


  • The breakfast buffet was one of the best I’ve seen in a lounge. The Delta Sky Clubs are typically bagels, fruit, yogurt and oatmeal. The Centurion lounge had scrambled eggs, pancakes, fruit, yogurt cereal, potatoes and more!
  • Privacy. There seating arrangement is setup to give you privacy so you feel like you’re in your own world.
  • I carry the American Express Platinum charge card, so it’s free to get into the lounge.

There were two couples trying to get in with their regular American Express credit cards. Keep in mind that the cost is $50 per person if you don’t carry the Platinum or Black card by American Express. I couldn’t help but snicker a little bit when the couples tried to get in and then walked away. You think that they¬†would look this up ahead of time. I think the front desk people must see this a little too often because right away they were like “$50 per person please” and said it in a snooty way.

Instead of breaking out each photo in the post and adding a caption, I decided to add a photo gallery. Be sure to read the info on each picture so you can read my info caption.

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