I didn’t want to be right, but I knew Target RedBird would not last. RedBird is Target’s card to compete with Walmart’s BlueBird card.

The big advantage to RedBird was Target allowed customers to load money to their RedBird card directly with a credit card. This earned customers thousands upon thousands of free miles without having to spend any money! Obviously the credit card companies did not like this.

Rumor has it that the the credit card companies put pressure on Target to stop taking accepting credit cards for RedBird reloads. In my opinion, I’m sure there’s truth behind this. The credit card companies aren’t stupid. They knew exactly what their customers were doing when they repeatedly see thousands of dollars in transactions at Target.

Amex RedBird card

Can you still load gift cards to your Target RedBird card? It doesn’t look like it. Target cashiers are checking to make sure your name is on the card.

Is RedBird really dead?

Well, no. You can still use the card for its intended purpose. However, 99.9% of us don’t care about that. You want to know if you can still manufacture spend with the RedBird card.

It looks like manufactured spending is over with the Target RedBird card as well. Unlike BlueBird, Target is no longer accepting gift cards as a funding option even though most gift cards can be processed as a debit card with the PIN being the last 4 digits of the card number.

YMMV, but more and more reports are coming in on FlyerTalk that Target is now checking names to make sure the card you’re using has your name on it. If you’re using a gift card, your name won’t be printed on the front and Target will not accept it.

Manufactured spending with Simon Mall Visa gift cards

Don’t expect to be able to load gift cards to your RedBird card going forward.

What should you do?

Personally, I would switch back to Walmart’s BlueBird card. Walmart cashiers to this day still do not check the name on your BlueBird card or the gift card. Sometimes I’ll load money onto my mom’s BlueBird account and hand the card over to the cashier and they don’t say anything.

Even better, Walmart has Money Center Kiosk machines in most Walmart locations and you can load money directly to your BlueBird card from the kiosk without ever having to interact with a Walmart employee.

Walmart BlueBird Kiosk

This is what a standard money center kiosk looks like. If you find one of these in your Walmart, you can load money directly to your BlueBird card all by yourself.

Final Thoughts

If you have the Target RedBird card and you still have gift cards to unload, by all means head over to Target and try to get them unloaded ASAP. If your Target shuts you down, then you’ll have to hang onto the gift cards for a little bit if you want to switch over to BlueBird. I think you have to wait at least 30 days before switching between RedBird and BlueBird.


Do you have a RedBird card? What are you experiencing at Target? Please let me know in the comments below! I never made the switch, so I’m curious to know your outcome!