I applied for the Citi AAdvantage Executive card twice back in March and I was approved for both cards! I only waited 9 days before applying for the 2nd card. Citi typically allows you to apply for one of their cards every 8 days, and not more than 2 credit cards within 65 days. Since it’s been almost 90 days I decided “why not apply again?”  I was prompted to call in like I had to for the first 2 applications. Citi verified some information and then they asked me if I wanted to add a cell phone number to the application to be used for notifications. After that I was instantly approved for my highest credit limit yet for $13,000!

Citi AAdvantage 100000 miles

After I complete the $10,000 in spending on this third card, I will have received a total of 330,000 advantage miles this year alone! I really hate how American Airlines tries to stick you on award flights that have high fuel surcharge fees, but I figured it’s worth the trouble to try and find an award ticket over to Europe next summer!

There’s no telling when the application is going to disappear from Citi’s website, but the landing page has been taken down. The landing page is what shows the signup bonus and other details regarding the card. However, there are many reports online that if you use this application link, (<— link will eventually expire)  you’ll still get the 100,000 miles.

This credit card does require $10,000 in spending within the first 3 months in order to get the 100,000 mile sign-up offer. If you need help on how you can spend this much in a short amount of time, read my Beginner’s Guide here.