I applied for the American Express Platinum card a few weeks ago and was approved! Of course after getting the card, my partner was a bit jealous and wanted to have this premium card. He was instantly approved as well!

We received the Platinum cards in time for our New York City trip and I only ran into 1 place that didn’t taken Amex. Not a problem, I just used my backup Visa/Mastercard that I have.

We’re trying to use all the benefits and I’ve already applied for the Global Entry program to get my $100 reimbursed. We’ve both purchased $200 in Delta gift cards to get that charge refunded as well. Lastly, I’ve used the concierge service to make dinner reservations while in NYC and I had them search for gift ideas for a birthday coming up in July.

Amex Platinum customer service has been the best customer service I’ve had so far on any of my other Amex cards! I will admit, I was a bit disappointed when I had to call in for my Hilton and Blue Cash Preferred card (both Amex as well) but the Platinum customer service reps are lively and they’re actually personable! I was outside a bar in NYC when I called them to make dinner reservations and the representative offered to call me back so I could go inside and enjoy the fun! He said he’d much rather be where I’m at than stuck working! We had a good laugh.

The only thing I am disappointed with is American Express travel. I booked a 1-way ticket from London to Hanover, Germany and I of course booked it through the Amex travel website to get 2x the points and Amex is more expensive than any other travel site. I tried calling to get a price match, but Amex won’t budge because they charge a ticketing fee! This is absolutely ridiculous! Sure you’re getting 2x the points, but you’re also paying a bit more for your ticket.

The Platinum card does carry a hefty $450 annual fee, but I’m viewing as an “insurance card.” I’m going to put all my electronic purchases on it, and any other purchase I see fit that could benefit from American Expresses extended warranty program and return protection.