What am I doing mentioning Aveda on a travel blog? Well, Aveda actually has a points program (along with every other company) and their top prize is a FREE 3 night stay at their Sugar Ridge resort in Antigua! If you’re not familiar with where Antigua is, it’s in the Caribbean. Aveda has double points three times a year; on your birthday, Mother’s Day weekend, and 1 weekend in December. Double points is this weekend! December 4 – 7, 2014!

I joined Aveda’s Pure Privilege program in 2006. Since then I’ve slowly been collecting points on each purchase. I’ve only ever cashed in my points once, and that was for a $75 gift card. After that I decided to save, save, save! I researched their Sugar Ridge resort and I said “I want to go there”.

I did take a little time off from buying Aveda products when I decided to go back to college. I do have to warn you that they are not the cheapest beauty products on the market, but they make natural products without testing on animals. However, if you are like me and you purchase Aveda products anyway, you might as well register for their points program to start earning points!

I will say this about Aveda products, I get complimented from time to time on how flawless my skin is. I appreciate the compliment and I always give credit to my Aveda products 🙂

Aveda Points Program

Aveda does charge $10 to join their Pure Privilege program, but you easily earn that back in points on your first purchase. You receive a gift on your birthday and earn double points on your first purchase.

What are the benefits of Aveda’s Pure Privilege program

  • Earn 10 points for every $1 spent on Aveda.com and Aveda locations.
  • Points are redeemable towards Aveda products, Aveda salon and spa treatments, and a luxury weekend escape.
  • Earn double points 3 times a year; on your birthday, Mother’s Day weekend, and 1 weekend in December.

Sugar Ridge Resort

In order to receive your free 3 night stay at the Sugar Ridge resort, you have to earn 50,000 points. The package includes breakfast and two complimentary 60 minute messages for you and your significant other.

This is the description about Sugar Ridge from Aveda’s website,

Sugar Ridge caters to the world’s most discerning travelers from a secluded hillside setting overlooking the lush natural beauty of the west coast of Antigua and the Caribbean Sea. It features 60 expansive guest rooms, world-class dining in two distinct environments, a pampering spa, fitness center, two fresh water pools, and access to three beaches. At 2,500 square feet, the Aveda Spa at Sugar Ridge is as intimate as it is luxurious, limited to three private treatment rooms.

I’m sitting at 44,000 points in my Aveda account. With my purchase this weekend, I’ll actually receive enough points to earn my free stay! Of course I have the miles to fly down to the Caribbean for free, so now I just have to figure out when we’ll be going to the resort. It’ll either be in the Fall of 2015, or sometime in 2016.

Doesn’t Aveda just cater to women?

Absolutely not! Aveda has done an amazing job over the years to carry a line of men’s products. I actually just picked up Liter bottles this weekend of their men’s shampoo and conditioner. They also carry men’s hair wax, aftershave and skincare products.


So if you already buy Aveda products, then go get your double points this weekend and start earning your free stay at the Sugar Ridge resort in Antigua!