The Barclaycard Arrival and the Capital One Venture are two of my favorite credit cards for flexible spending. They both earn 2x points on every single purchase and they both allow you to wipe away travel charges as soon as they post to your account. So which card do I like better?

Barclaycard Arrival vs. Capital One Venture

I’ve now had my Barclaycard and my Venture card since February of this year. Capital One gave me a generous $5,000 credit limit while Barclaycard only gave me $1,500. You can guess which card I push more money through. Capital One makes it easier to swipe my charges and I don’t have to fear being declined because of the larger credit limit. With that being said, I actually DO like the Barclaycard better! Barlcyard is easier to redeem points.

Barclaycard Arrival will allow you to wipe away any travel charge that is $25 or more. For instance, say you paid for luggage at the gate and 1 suitcase costs $25. You would need 2,500 miles in your Barclaycard account to wipe away the charge. Same is true for Capital One. However, here is where I appreciate the Barclaycard better than the Capital One Venture card. Say you purchased a $500 airline ticket on both cards, you would need 50,000 miles on each card to wipe away the entire charge. What if you only have 40,000 miles ($400)? Can you still redeem some of your miles to wipe away a portion of the charge? With the Barclaycard Arrival you can! You’re just responsible for the remaining $100 then. With the Capital One Venture card, you CANNOT redeem your miles towards the charge. Capital One forces you to have all the miles available in order to wipe away an entire purchase!

I don’t like this, because I’m going to London to July and I’m staying in a hotel for 3 nights. I’m scrambling to get enough miles on my Venture card to cover the entire purchase. I wouldn’t mind taking whatever miles I do have and just applying them towards the hotel purchase and pitch in a few hundred bucks of my own, but Capital One isn’t as flexible as Barclaycard when it comes to redeeming your miles.

This one reason is why I favor the Barclaycard Arrival over the Capital One Venture card. Hopefully I’ll get a generous credit limit increase from Barclaycard so I can switching my spending habits to the Arrival card!