I wanted to point out a few things about the Barclaycard Aviator Red card now that we know we’ll officially have our new cards by July of this year.

Benefits now live for Aviator Red cardholders

The benefits are now live on this card! I booked a reward flight for my parents on aa.com and they received 10% of their miles back the same day! If you recall, just one of the benefits is that you receive 10% of your miles back when booking an award ticket. You’re capped at earning 10,000 miles back per year.

Even though the card isn’t physically in your wallet, the Aviator Red card is shown when you log into your Barclaycard.com account. Furthermore, when you call customer service the representative will mention that you’re calling about the Aviator Red MasterCard and NOT your US Airways card.

Barclaycard Aviator Red

When I log into my Barclaycard.com account the Aviator Red card has been displayed for some time now.

50% bonus reminder

Also, don’t forget about the 50% bonus Barclaycard has going on for Aviator Red cardholders! Your purchases from now until June 30th will earn you an additional 50% on miles! This means if you can manufacture spend $20,000 by June 30th, you’ll earn 30,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles!

I just started MS’ing on my Barclaycard US Airways card today and I was able to buy $7,000 in gift cards. That means I earned 10,500 AAdvantage miles today for my purchase! I have 75,000 miles right now in my AAdvantage account and I’m looking to top it off to 100,000 miles. Barclaycard’s 50% bonus offer is a great way to get there faster!

Think twice before canceling Aviator Red

Lastly, the Aviator Red card is exclusive to those cardholders that carried the Barclaycard US Airways card prior to the product change. Therefore, if you decide to cancel your Aviator Red card, you will not be able to find an online application to apply for it at a later date. Even though the card does come with a $89 annual fee, you need to decide if the benefits of the card are worth the fee.

Right now I’m deciding if $89 is worth it to earn back 10,000 miles per year when I redeem miles towards AAdvantage award seats. Also, Barclaycard is very friendly to manufactured spending, so I’m also considering the annual fee based on the issuing bank.