You can’t talk about european nightlife without mentioning Berlin. The hype is real, berlin’s nightlife is actually really f-cking awesome. Doesn’t matter what your crowd is, metal, goth, hiphop, some obscure subculture, you will find your type of bar or club here.

The general rule is, techno is the choice of music here and the clubs stay open very late. There’s an open minded attitude towards hooking up. The demographics of Berlin can be summed up in one word “foreign”. You will often see the crowds being up to 50% non-german. There are significant amount of russians, poles, turks living in Berlin and on top of that Berlin attracts a lot of tourists and artistic types from all over europé, Berlin is in other words the most ungerman german city you will find.

Biggest advantage is the laidback nature of Berliners, I’m not a fan of stuck up/snobbish nightlife and thank god there is very little of that in  Berlin. Of course, you can still get denied entry in to clubs if you dress wrong and show up in big groups so don’t go wearing flip flops and expecting to get in.

Tresor Night Club

A massive underground techno club that stays open until 6 AM on the weekdays. Very touristic crowd, I actually think tourists outnumber locals during high season but they still have humane prices. Tresor is one of the better techno clubs(would not rank it #1 though, keep Reading and you will see my top pick) you will find in Berlin. Typical age is all over the place, early 20s to 40s. You will neither feel too young or too old no matter what age you are unless you’re 60. If you’re a tourist in Berlin, Tresor might be your best choice. Also, if happen to be in town not on a weekend, don’t worry Tresor is an excellent club for a wednesday night out.


Two story club playing techno Music as well. The crowd here is definitely younger(mostly early 20s with a few people in their 30s thrown in) than Tresor and overall I would say it’s easy to get in just like in Tresor. Watergate is located in Kreuzberg.


A very friggin awesome club. My main choice for clubbing in Berlin. Massive space and massive crowds. It’s actually not that easy to get in, Berghain has sligthly stricter door policy than the other main stream clubs in Berlin. If you get in, you will not be disappointed. Famous DJs playing here regularly.  Heck, I would most argue that this might be nightclub in europé. Certainly, in my opinion the best techno club in Berlin.

Club Der Visionäre

Nice chill place by the river. If you’re not looking for crazy party but just having a few beers with your friends then this is ideal club for you. Even though it’s a place people show up in groups to sit down and talk it still gets crowded. They usually play techno music(surprise surprise)


Electric music! Ok, I know i’m being silly by mentioning yet again that they play techno since every single club reviewed so far in this article has been techno but that’s Berlin in a nutshell. Sisyphos is located in the deeps of east Berlin. Beware, they can be somewhat strict at this club so show up looking like you belong there otherwise you might turned away at the door.

My take on this club is – somewhat mixed. It’s good but I wouldn’t say it’s one of the top clubs in Berlin and given the logistics(depending on where you’re staying in the city, Sisyphos can be far, it isn’t exactly convienently located) I would say if you’re close to the club, give it a shoot but I would travel all the way from the west side of Berlin to visit this club when you have Tresor, Berghain and Watergate closer to you. It’s also a small negative given their strict door policy but… this could be viewed as a positive depending on who you are.