You definitely don’t need a degree to become an entrepreneur but I wouldn’t totally dismiss what academia has to offer.


Okay, let’s start with a bad one. Marketing is simply a horrible major to get. Spending your time & money learning marketing in school when you can learn 100 times better by actually doing marketing in the real world is just a bad proposal. Unfortunately, marketing in college is usually far removed from reality and too theory based. I know that a few people reading this article are going to be marketing majors or soon to be marketing majors but be honest to yourself how much real practical skills did you learn from reading marketing theory in school?

I wouldn’t say it’s completely useless degree otherwise. If you want something to fall back to, marketing can open doors for a entry level sales/marketing job but for entrepreneurship I wouldn’t bother with this degree at all.


Engineering is a solid degree that will teach a lot of problem solving skills. I strongly recommend taking this degree over marketing and it’s far better degree to fall back on if your entrepreneurial journey fails. I know some people just dislike engineering so I’m not suggesting picking engineering if it doesn’t suit you because engineering studies can be stressful and if it’s not your thing, the chance of you failing is astronomical.


Like marketing, management is usually too theory based and far from reality as well. It’s something that’s usally better learned working as a manager. In fact, a lot of CEOs and managers didn’t major in management.


Money management is always good to know. Unlike marketing a few theories tought in finance classes are a lot easier to apply to the real world and it’s not hard to make transition from theory to reality in some cases. But of course, all business majors to a certain degree has the weakness being too “academic” and not oriented in the real world.


If there’s one major that’s even worse than marketing for entrepreneurship then it’s entrepreneurship. No, no, and again NO. Don’t major in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship classes in college are so ridicilously theory based and far removed from reality and often taught by teachers who HAS NEVER RUN A BUSINESS. Your time in school should be better spent acquiring a specific skill that you can actually use in your business… which brings me to the one degree I like above all for entrepreneurship:


I know you hate accounting. Everyone does. But guess what, every single type of business in the universe need accounting. If there is one business skill that academia is actually good for then it’s accounting. I would even go as far as saying that accounting is the best major you can pick if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur.