How Betting Odds Work – Betting Odds Explained

American Moneylines:

Example odds: -300 vs +270.

The +270 bet would yield $270 in profit for every $100 bet. That means you will get back $370 total if you win your $100 bet.

-300 means you need to bet $300 to profit $100. You will get $400 back total. Therefore “-” means favorite and “+” means underdog.

Decimal Odds:

The above example would translate into 3.70. The decimal system is easy to understand, take whatever your stake is times the odds = total winnings. $100 * 3.70 = $370.

British Odds:

Bet the right number to win the left number. For example 1/4, means you bet $4 and profit $1 if you hit it($5 back total).