BlueSmart luggage offers travelers so much more than a simple receptacle for clothes, toiletries and souvenirs. By combining a top class carry-on suitcase with 21st century smartphone technology, BlueSmart luggage presents a ground breaking product which blends practicality with convenience and high tech security, for the ultimate travel experience.

Constructed from lightweight but hard wearing materials, and especially sized to meet hand luggage restrictions on airlines around the world, the interior of the BlueSmart suitcase still manages to offer a 34L capacity over two handy compartments.

The main section is a hard case space for shoes, clothes and larger items such as coats, while the second, smaller compartment utilises a soft case space which is perfect for essential twenty-first century electronics, including laptops (up to 15″ screens), tablets and any other devices you travel with. This compartmental design makes it ridiculously easy to remove electronics before passing through airport security screening – at last, no more fumbling to locate items while the queue builds behind you.

BlueSmart Luggage

Connect your BlueSmart luggage to your smartphone for a selection of features!

While the forward-thinking design of BlueSmart luggage rightly attracts praise, it is the additional support system which ultimately makes this product stand out from the crowd by a mile. By simply downloading the BlueSmart luggage app to an IOS or Android smartphone the user gains immediate access to an exciting selection of opportunities.

These days many airlines impose strict rules around the weight of carry-on luggage, leaving the average traveller vulnerable to the stress of last minute surprises. BlueSmart’s built in digital scale means that simply pulling the handle of your case triggers the app to provide confirmation of the weight of your case. Never again will you need to abandon precious items at the security point, or pay to check your bag into the hold.

BlueSmart Weight

Don’t ever pay for overweight luggage again! BlueSmart tells you the weight of your suitcase.

Even considering the innovative ideas already outlined, it’s when you consider the security advantages included that BlueSmart’s Connected Carry-On really comes into its own. When the luggage is used in conjunction with the app you remain in control of the case, or at least aware of its location, at all times. You can lock, or unlock, your case remotely and be notified by SMS if anyone without shared access attempts to open your luggage. For further peace of mind the BlueSmart suitcase will also lock automatically if you walk away from it. The locking system is TSA approved, removing any worry about breaking airport security rules.

Whenever you are separated from your BlueSmart luggage, GPS technology allows you to track and monitor its location. That’s a great plus when it comes to tracing a lost or re-routed suitcase.

Additional innovative features of this suitcase-app combination include:

several hours of charging capacity for your electronic devices – perfect for keeping you in touch with the world while on the move, report options which collate your travel data, and it will even provide reminders about what to pack before you leave for your trip.

The product of a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, the BlueSmart luggage and app is nearly ready to be launched into the public sphere. You can pre-order yours today at