I flew out to Boston over Halloween weekend to visit my friend from college. I decided to upgrade to First Class for $509. I had some Barclaycard miles to use, so I figured I’d treat myself! On my return flight home I concluded that I should have saved my money and never upgraded to First Class and just done Economy Comfort.

When I fly First Class on a domestic flight it’s because I want the bigger seat, extra leg room and the complimentary meal. I’m vegetarian, so before check-in, I had requested a vegetarian meal for both flights on Delta.com. The request isn’t guaranteed, but I’ve never had an airline not honor my request.

On the flight out to Boston the stewardess had told me she had a special meal put together for me. Everyone around me received a warm bacon and egg sandwich with some side options. I was expecting something similar, but I received a cereal, bagel and fruit. I was actually quite disappointed so I ended up having a few screwdrivers instead 😉

My return flight was during dinner time. I figured Delta couldn’t possibly do worse then my first flight. They did. I received two bowls of fruit this time along with a cold sandwich that had asparagus, lettuce, onions and mushrooms on it. WTF? I took a bite or two of it and was done. The meal was absolutely disgusting. This time I actually spoke up and asked if she would be able to bring me a warm meal. The answer was “no” and my meal was taken away. I’m not trying to sound stuck up, but when you’re paying over $800 for a 5 hour round-trip flight, I would expect better.

British Airway 1st class food

My British Airways First Class meal was the best I’ve ever had for airplane food!

I normally don’t complain, but I did end up writing to Delta. After all, I’ve booked 4 flights with them in the last 2 months. I simply stated that for First Class I would have expected a warm meal. Just because I’m vegetarian doesn’t mean I want only fruit and vegetables.

I received a response back tonight from Delta and it was a typical apology you’d expect from an airline:

Thanks for your email letting us know of your disappointment with the meals served on our flight. You certainly had every right to expect more from us; especially since you were in a First Class seat. I realize how upset you must’ve been with the poor customer service you received. I know tasty food sure does make a trip more pleasant. I understand the meal on your recent flights weren’t enjoyable. We do our best to serve a variety of food options. I know a nice meal adds immensely to a good flight and I regret in this instance we did not meet your expectation. I apologize you didn’t receive the service you expected and should have received.

Bonus Miles
As a goodwill gesture, I’m adding
7,500 bonus miles to your SkyMiles account. They should be transferred into your account within three business days.  

As a valued SkyMiles member, I sincerely regret that we have not been able to meet your expectations. Your loyalty is appreciated and we look forward to seeing you on your next Delta flight.

I figured Delta would throw some sort of bonus miles at me, and 7,500 is totally acceptable to me. If you value Sky Miles at 1.5 cents per mile, then Delta compensated me with $112.50.

For the record, I just want to say that I’ve never complained to an airline before. I’m not suggesting do it just to receive miles, but if you’re giving an airline repeat business and you’re not satisfied, then you have every right to complain.