The benefit of going out in Busan compared to Seoul is that the nightlife is a lot more concentrated. You won’t find all the clubs in one district but Busan is compact enough that logistics will rarely be a problem. Surpringsly, there is a similar level of international vibe in Busan as there is in Seoul. You will encounter foreigners in practically every mainstream club.

If you expect cheap prices in Busan you need to keep looking, I felt that overall price levels were similar to Seoul.

The attitudes in Busan weren’t that different from Seoul. It’s still a big city culture so you need to dress up and look the part. There are cheap clubs here that don’t have a strict door policy but generally speaking people are very well dressed here as in any other major Korean and Japanese city.

Nightclubs & Bars

Thursday party

Casual bar atmosphere. Recommend as a starter place.

Sharky’s bar and grill

Nice side dishes and drinks. Also casual atmosphere.

OL’ 55

Small local bands play here, very relaxed atmosphere. Not the biggest venue but I liked the friendly atmosphere here. Great place for both going alone and in groups.

Club Hacasan

Expensive, rude staff and difficult to get in. Had a really bad experience.

Jazz Club Monk

I’ve noticed I’m a broken record when it comes to Jazz Clubs, I always recommend them. Maybe I am biased but Jazz Club Monk was no different, friendly crowd and cheap drinks. What’s not to like?


Pretty much the same experience, I know it might sound like there is a problem with me and not the clubs or I was at the right place at the wrong time. Redeeming quality about REVEL is that the venue wasn’t actually bad.