Holiday is a gas station chain in the Midwest. I walked in the other night to buy a coffee before heading into work and I noticed a rack of gift cards available for purchase. Holiday had both Vanilla Reloads and PayPal My Cash cards for sale.

I initially grabbed the Vanilla Reload cards because they’re the easy to be liquidated via BlueBird, and we have until April 15th before they’re no longer good. Sadly, there was a sticker placed on the Vanilla Reload card that said “cash only.”

Therefore, I grabbed one PayPal My Cash card and asked the cashier if they accepted credit card on these cards if I have my ID available. He didn’t have a problem selling me the card and began the transaction! Remember, PayPal My Cash cards another great way to manufacture spend. You can buy the PayPal My Cash cards with your credit card and then liquidate them at Walmart with your BlueBird card. Just be cautious though, because PayPal has been known to shutdown accounts that abuse the system. I recommend liquidating the money immediately after the cash is in your PayPal account so your money is not frozen by PayPal.

Holiday Gas Station

I tried buying Vanilla Reloads and PayPal My Cash cards at my local Holiday gas station and it did not work.

Hard coded as cash only

After the cashier rung up my PayPal My Cash card for $500, he began to swipe my credit card and he received an error on his POS terminal. The register was hard coded to NOT accept credit cards as a form of payment. Therefore, I was not able to buy Vanilla Reloads or a PayPal My Cash card with my credit card ;-(

Although the cashier didn’t have a problem taking credit card as a form of payment, corporate has decided to program the registers so no credit cards are accepted at any location.

You’ll often find that registers are hard coded to not allow credit cards as a form of payment to deter scammers from buying gift cards with stolen credit cards. Even if the cashier allows you to buy a gift card with credit card, don’t get too excited until the transaction is completed.

Final thoughts

This is a prime of example of how the game works. You have to venture off on your own and figure out what stores allow you to buy gift cards with your credit card. I continue to use my local grocery store and Simon Mall as a way to manufacture spend, but I like to keep my options open.

If you can find a gas station that sells gift cards and they allow you to pay with your credit card, you could find a nice credit card like the American Express PRG which gives 2x points at US gas stations! You could buy $12,500 worth in gift cards and earn 25,000 Membership Rewards points.