I’m thinking about traveling to Las Vegas for the first time next month. I wanted a quick way to figure out how many miles I’d earn if I fly with Delta. I’m thinking about trying to earn Silver Medallion status with Delta by the end of the year. I applied for the American Express Delta Platinum card which is offering 50,000 mile signup bonus along with 15,000 MQMs. I was not instantly approved, but I should find out by Monday. If approved, I’ll only have to earn 10,000 MQMs on my own by the end of the year to reach Silver status. That’s completely doable for me!

When trying to figure out how many miles it is from 1 airport to the next, I found this handy Mileage Calculator tool online that is provided by WebFlyer.com. The tool allows you to plug in your departure airport, arrival airport, and add any additional information such as elite bonus. You can also type in the amount you paid for your ticket to calculate how many miles you’re earning per cent. This tool can come in very handy if you’re thinking about booking a mileage run to rack up an elite status and you’re looking for the cheapest routes. The cheaper the “cost per mile” is the better the deal!

Airline Milage Calculator

Keep in mind that this tool will not work for airlines that calculate your miles earned based on revenue (AKA Delta after Jan. 1, 2015). Some airlines are switching over to revenue based miles vs. flown miles. Traditionally if you fly 3,000 miles round-trip you would earn 3,000 miles in your account. Now with airlines going revenue based, you’ll earn x amount of miles based on the amount you spend on your  ticket. Not the number of miles flown. This means that people who fly cheap are going to earn less miles.

Hopefully WebFlyer will update their mileage calculator tool to eventually add revenue based flights, but in the mean time this is a great tool to calculate how many miles your earn for your flights!