The last 3 credit card applications I’ve applied for from American Express have not been instantly approved after hitting the submit button. Although all 3 credit cards have been approved, I did not wait around for American Express to call me. There’s a little trick you can do to find out if Amex is going to approve you and get your application pushed through to the head of the line.

Amex CLI

If you’re not instantly approved, start by visiting American Express’ application status page at: Check to see if your application is still pending. If it is still pending then go ahead and call the number on the bottom of the screen which should be 1-866-314-0237. Follow the prompts and say you want to check the application status. You’ll then be passed on to a live representative and they will probably say “let me see if I can get this approved for you.” Each time this has worked for me and I’ve been able to get my applications approved within 5 minutes after applying!

If you don’t do this, you could end up sitting around for days to find out if you’ve been approved. I believe this happened each time to me because American Express wanted to verify it was really me applying for the credit card. So don’t sweat it if you do have to call in!