Capital One is one of those banks who is stingy on giving out credit limit increases. They’re known for giving either no credit limit increase, small credit limit increase, or making you contact their executive office in order to finally get your request processed. With that being said, I decided I would try to request a credit limit increase on my Capital One Venture card at my 6 month mark. I was instantly approved for a $1,000 increase going from $5,000 to $6,000! To be honest, I was hoping for at least double since I was pushing $15k through the card each month for the last 3 months. I could have contacted the executive office to have them review the request and try and give me a higher limit, but I don’t plan on using this card a whole lot over the next year.  I wanted to switch my spending back to my Barclaycard Arrival card when I can’t use my American Express cards.

Capital One Logo

However, earlier this week I got a call Capital One and they had good news for me! Capital One stated that an underwriter reviewed the credit limit increase and they decided to go from $5k all the way to $20k! That’s a whopping 4x credit limit increase! As far as I know, 4x increase at 6 months is pretty rare (at least for Capital One). I know with American Express they typically will do a 3x CLI from your starting credit, which is still really good in my eyes.

I’ve been lurking the MyFico forums and I have noticed a rise in Capital One credit limit increase approvals. Some members report that they’ve successfully received an increases after clicking the “luv button”. Others have been automatically denied, but then 2 weeks later receive an auto increase. So if you do get denied by Capital One, don’t lose hope! It seem Capital One may finally be listening to its customers and allow the consumer to grow with them as their history improves.