I have some unfortunate news to report. Teddy’s father passed away yesterday morning at the age of 75. Right now I’m helping Teddy through these difficult times and trying to be there for him as much as I can.

With that being said, we were supposed to leave for Seattle, Washington on Sunday. Obviously that’s not going to happen since Teddy is grieving and there are arrangements that need to be made. I’m taking care of our trip details, handling the finances, etc. while Teddy has time to deal with other things.

I was actually just going to let our tickets go without even checking with Delta to see what could be done. This was a “mistake” fare that we bought and it only cost $150 round-trip in Economy B class. We didn’t buy insurance on our tickets and I figured we’d just be out of luck since airlines seem to be pretty strict with their rules. I was completely wrong.

Delta Airplane

Delta actually came through for us. Delta allowed us to use our tickets for a later date so Teddy could grieve since his dad just passed away.

The power of Twitter

I didn’t even want to bother to try calling in to Delta. I figured I would get some underpaid customer service representative who could care less about our situation. They have their scripts they live by and they don’t have a magic wand to make things happen. Instead, I figured I would try @DeltaAssist on Twitter. I followed them on my Twitter account and sent them a direct message (DM) and explained that my partner’s father just passed away and we won’t be able to travel this upcoming Sunday.

I was direct and to the point in my message to Delta on Twitter. You are limited to 140 characters, so I kept my message short and split it up into 2 messages. I offered a copy of the death certificate so they didn’t think I was telling a lie and trying to pull a fast one. Delta came through for us and offered to cancel our tickets so we could use them at a later date. I just had to call 1-800-221-1212 and give them our SkyMiles account numbers when we were ready to re-book our tickets.

I was absolutely blown away that Delta offered this kind of customer service! I’ve only ever had bad experiences with Delta when I try to make any changes. Why do I keep flying them? Because they “own” the MSP hub and it’s hard to avoid them when living in the Twin Cities ;-(


Twitter is a powerful tool! It only takes a couple of minutes to tweet a message to a company’s Twitter account or send them a direct message. The worst they’ll say  is “no!” It doesn’t hurt to try.

My disclaimer

I am Silver Medallion with Delta. Now that’s not saying much since it is their lowest Medallion level. However, it is possible that this may have had something to do with getting our tickets rebooked at no cost. It could also be that the customer service representatives behind the Twitter account have more power versus the ones you get when you call the 1-800 number. Whatever it may be, I wanted to throw this out there.

Tickets rebooked

I was a little curious how this was going to work since I’ve never had an airline wave fees for me before. I decided to go ahead and call Delta to get our tickets rebooked immediately for a later date versus waiting. With that being said, we’re going to fly out to Seattle over Memorial weekend in May.

As instructed by the customer service rep on Twitter, I called Delta at 1-800-221-1212. After reaching an agent I told them I would like to go ahead and rebook my Seattle tickets. She read the notes on the account and she was happy to get my tickets rebooked with no change fees! This saved us $200 PER TICKET! At this rate we would have just let the tickets go since we paid so little for them in the first place.

Seattle Skyline

Delta’s Twitter account came through for us! We’ll still get to visit Seattle later this year.

Final thoughts

Twitter has come in handy time and time again for us. I don’t know what it is, but the customer service reps behind the Twitter accounts seem to be much more friendly. They also make things happen when needed! Maybe it’s because they want to keep bad publicity off their Twitter accounts? Whatever it may be, it never hurts to ask!

If calling the 1-800 number doesn’t work, then try a company’s Twitter account to see if they can assist you! We went to UPS’s Twitter account in December when their customer service representatives over the phone were not helpful whatsoever. Guess what? Our issue was resolved that day and it was on a Saturday.