As of today, March 31, 2014, my local CVS in the southern suburbs of the twin cities in Minnesota is still accepting credit card payments on their Vanilla Reload cards! There was a huge scare this past weekend after a memo was leaked stating that CVS was no longer going to accept credit card payments on their Vanilla Reloads. As many are reporting in this morning across the country, they are still able to buy their Vanilla Reloads with credit cards.

When I was talking to the cashier, she stated that another regular stopped in this weekend and asked about the cash only policy. My local CVS had not heard anything regarding the new change and stated that management gave them the OK to continue accepting credit cards as long as they check IDs! As of right now, it looks like I’m in the clear and will be able to continue to purchase Vanilla Reloads with my credit cards. Others may not be so lucky as there have been a few reports on FlyerTalk that their stores are turning them away. I honestly feel that the memo that was leaked is only happening regionally. I guess only time will tell and I will be visiting my local CVS again tomorrow to see if I can purchase more Vanilla Reloads with my credit card.

What has your experiences been? Have you stopped in to your local CVS store today and tried to purchase some Vanilla Reloads?


Below is a picture of my recently purchased Vanilla Reload cards 🙂

Vanilla Reload Cards