After CVS stopped selling Vanilla Reload cards to customers trying to pay with their credit card, the manufacture spending community was in an uproar, leaving some to even abandon the MS game. Well I’m happy to report that you are STILL able to buy Vanilla cards at CVS with your credit card! Notice how I say “Vanilla cards” and not “Vanilla Reload cards.” Vanilla cards are Visa gift cards that allow you to load any amount on them from $20 – $500. They do cost $1 more than the Vanilla Reload cards, coming in for a grand total of $4.95 per activation.

So what’s the difference? When we were able to  buy the Vanilla Reload cards it was easy to run home with our cards and deposit the money into our BlueBird accounts ourselves from the website. However, now that we have to purchase Visa gift cards, you must make an extra stop on your way home from CVS. Wal-mart allows you to load money to your BlueBird card absolutely free. With the Visa Vanilla cards that CVS is selling, you swipe your Vanilla Visa card after the cashier asks how much you want to load and when it asks for a PIN, you set any 4 digit PIN your heart desires!

I literally just got back from Wal-mart and am now posting my results that these cards do in fact work! Yes, I do have to make an extra trip after picking up the Visa gift cards, but living in the Twin Cities, there’s a Wal-mart in almost every suburb. My Wal-mart is only a 5 minute drive for me.


Here is what the gift cards look like at CVS:

Vanilla Visa gift card











So have you tried these new gift cards? How are you coping after the Vanilla Reload demise?