I flew out to Boston this past weekend to visit a friend. If you recall, I visited Boston last Fall over Halloween weekend when I decided to upgrade to First Class. The experience was mediocre and I received SkyMiles from Delta as compensation. This time I decided to fly Economy Comfort since the airplane meal isn’t important to me. I must say, the whole process felt like First Class, minus the meal and slightly bigger seat.

On my way out to Boston, the flight attendant told us that starting on March 1st, Delta’s Economy Comfort seats are going to now include free liquor. This is a benefit of flying First Class if you enjoy having a cocktail or two while in route. The snacks they we’re handing out to Economy Comfort customers were also considered “premium.” We had the option of protein bar, banana, blueberry muffin and Starbucks coffee. Not only that, but the Delta flight attendant came around offering seconds. In my opinion, the premium snacks were better than the First Class meal I had last Fall. The Starbucks coffee is a nice touch as well.

Priority Boarding

On my way home from Boston on Sunday, March 1, 2015, I noticed that me and my partner’s boarding pass said “Sky Priority.” We were not upgraded to First Class to receive this benefit and I only have Silver Medallion with Delta. Sky Priority is only included in Gold Medallion and higher. The only other possibility I could think of is that Economy Comfort includes Sky Priority boarding now as a feature. I verified this on Delta’s website via this link.

Enjoy an upgraded experience with more of the perks you need in Delta Comfort+. Take advantage of your time in the air with access to Sky Priority® boarding.

Sky Priority

Delta Economy Comfort now includes Sky Priority as a perk. Zip through security faster and board the plane early.

We didn’t get the priority boarding since we left for Boston in February, but receiving the benefit on Sunday would make sense since that’s when Delta made changes in their system. We were able to check our bag via the Sky Priority line and we were also able to zip through security. The Delta employee just verified that our tickets said Sky Priority before allowing us through the express lane. Typically Sky Priority is for First Class customers and Medallion members who hold Gold status or higher.

So what’s the difference?

In my eyes, there’s really only 2 big differences between First Class and Economy Comfort:

  1. Slightly bigger seat
  2. First class meal
Delta Economy Comfort

On my flight to and from Boston, I actually had more leg room in the very first row of Economy Comfort than what a First Class seat comes with. I recommend visiting SeatGuru.com to find recommendations for the best seat! (image courtesy of Delta.com)

Now that Delta’s Economy Comfort includes Sky Priority boarding, free liquor, premium snacks, Starbucks coffee and you still get a bigger seat over Coach, there’s absolutely no reason to spend hundreds of dollars more on a First Class ticket when you’re flying domestic.

On top of that, if you use a card like the American Express Platinum, you can get your seat upgrades for free if you use your $200 airline reimbursement on Delta airlines. We used 25,000 SkyMiles to fly out to Boston for free, and then we paid for the Economy Comfort seats with our Platinum cards and we we’re reimbursed by American Express!


What do you think of Delta’s changes to Economy Comfort? Is it still worth paying hundreds of dollars for a First Class ticket? Share below in the comments section!