I’m leaving for Vegas next Monday and when I originally booked the flight I thought I was going to have to work Monday morning. Well October 13th happens to be Columbus Day and I have the day off! Just out of curiosity I thought I’d check to see how much it would cost to change my Delta flight to leave on Sunday instead of Monday. The results were not pleasant.

Delta Fare Change

Trying to change my outbound flight to a day earlier would incur a $528 fee!

Looks like I’ll be leaving for Vegas on my original date since I refuse to pay $528. Sometimes there’s emergencies and people need to change their flight plans. In this case, I was only looking to change my departure date so I looked to see how much a 1-way ticket would cost, and it was much cheaper. Only $287! Granted this is still more than the original price of my round-trip ticket ($246), but if this was an emergency I’d much rather pay $287 versus $528.

Delta Flight Cost to Vegas

Searching for a 1-way flight would only cost $287 vs. changing my original Delta flight and paying $528 in fees!

Other Options

Since I’ll need to fly Delta to and from Las Vegas to finish my qualifications for Silver Medallion status this year, I don’t want to fly another airline for my departure. For those that are in a different situation, I would recommend hopping on a site like SkyScanner.com to search for another airline. When I looked for a 1-way ticket to Vegas for Sunday, October 12th, I was able to find a ticket that leaves in the morning for $142! At this price, I probably would switch my flight so I could have an extra day in Vegas since it’ll be my first time there!

SkyScanner Airlines Search Results

Searching on SkyScanner brought up a 1-way ticket for only $142 with US Airways!

Each airline varies, but with Delta you have 24 hours to change your flight without incurring a “change flight fee”. If it’s past 24 hours and you ever have to change your flight, just know there are alternate options available! It’ll probably come at a cost, but don’t always assume you need to change your original ticket. You can still catch your return flight home, you’ll just forfeit the MQM miles you would have earned for missing your departure flight.