is one of my favorite sites to visit for daily tech deals. I found a 50″ refurbished LED TV today for only $285! The TV is actually for my parents since they have one of the very first plasma TVs that came out. It weighs a ton and I don’t even know if the TV has 720P quality. The brand of the TV is Affinity (which I’ve never heard of by the way) and it’s refurbished. Buying electronics on my American Express card is one of my favorite things to do since many Amex cards offer purchase protection and extended warranty. Before wasting money on an extended warranty, I wanted to know: Does American Express extended warranty cover refurbished electronics? 

I called American Express for additional information on their extended warranty program at 1-800-225-3750. I gave the customer service representative the credit card number I placed the order so he could confirm I qualify for this benefit, and then we went through the terms together. For future reference, the representative guided me to this site so I can review the same information as him versus having to call in.

Amex Extended Warranty and Purchase Protection

If you want to check if your Amex card offers these benefits, then just select the one you’re interested in on Amex’s website.

Since I was interested in the Extended Warranty, I selected the first option on the website. I scrolled through all the Amex cards that offer this benefit and I found the Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card. We spent a few minutes reviewing the document, but neither I or the customer service representative found anything in regards to refurbished items being excluded from the program! This is excellent news since I don’t have a problem buying refurbished. Many times a customer just returned the product because they didn’t want it anymore. The stores are then unable to sell it as new condition to the next customer.

What is American Express Extended Warranty and why am I so interested in it?

Here’s the exact description from the American Express website:

  • Use Your Eligible Card – Extended Warranty can provide up to one extra year added to the original U.S. manufacturer’s warranty. Applies to warranties of 5 years or less when the eligible purchase is charged to the Card.
  • Coverage – You will only be covered up to the actual amount charged to your Card for the item up to a maximum of $10,000; not to exceed $50,000 per Card Member account per calendar year. Please read important exclusions and restrictions.

Basically this means if your electronic device comes with a 1 year manufacture warranty, then American Express will extend your warranty another year giving you 2 years of protection. If your device comes with a 3 year warranty, then Amex will extend your warranty another year giving you 4 years of protection. In my opinion, this is better than any other credit card out there that offers warranty on your purchases.

Final thoughts.

Most new electronics come with a 1 year warranty, while refurbished electronics come with a 30 to 90 day warranty. Luckily for me, the TV I bought for my parents is 12 months (which is quite rare for a refurbished product). If you are going to buy refurbished and you plan on using Amex’s extended warranty, check to see how long of a warranty you’ll get with your purchase. If it’s 90 days, Amex will only double that for an additional 90 days of coverage (so 6 months from the purchase date).

If you’ve ever used extended warranty through your credit card on a purchase before, please let me know in the comments below how easy the process was!