I’m getting carried away with miles, signup offers, and travel hacking. My credit is pretty decent, but I’ve recently taken a little hit since I’ve received 5 new cards since February. I’ve never had a Citi credit card before, so as mentioned from my previous post, I was approved for 2 Citi Executive AAdvantage cards within 9 days of each other. I ended up getting a little greedy and applied for the Citi HHonors card. I actually wanted to start charging quite heavily to this card so I could earn my way to Hilton’s diamond status after spending $40,000 on the card in a calendar year. However, I didn’t do my research before applying 🙁

From what I gathered, Citi does not allow you to apply for 2 cards on the same day anymore. Most people are recommending to wait 8 days between applications, and then 65 days after being approved. This is known as Citi’s 8/65 day rule. Now keep in mind this is not the same for everyone and your mileage may vary!

Here’s how I should have applied for the cards: Apply for Citi AAdvantage card #1 >> Wait 8 days >> 9th day apply for 2nd Citi card (in my case, a 2nd AAdvantage card #2) >> wait 65 days and then I should be good to apply for my 3rd Citi card. Keep in mind that Citi does not like to see more than 6 pulls on your credit history within the last 6 months. So if you’re at 6 or more, you should probably wait. Lastly, when Citi pulled my credit, they only pulled from Experian.

Since I received both Citi AAdvantage cards in March, I’m going to wait until at least summer time to get the HHonors card. That way I’ll prove to Citi that I can charge and pay off my balance each month in case I have to call and do reconsideration if I don’t get approved right away.