I often find that when I apply for an American Express credit card, my partner seems to want to apply for the same exact card! I justified getting the American Express Platinum card, because of the $200 airline credit each year, lounge access, and I’m going to put all large purchases on my Amex card for the insurance protection that Amex offers!

I completely forgot about the “Refer a friend” link when you login to your AmericanExpress.com account and when my partner applied for the Platinum card a week after me, I could have used this link and earned 7,500 points since he was instantly approved for the card! I am completely heartbroken ;-(


So how do you find out what referral bonus American Express offers on your card? Follow these steps:

1. Visit AmericanExpress.com and login to your account.

2. Click on the “Rewards” button on the top of the website and then click on “Refer a Friend”.


You will then see all the referral bonus offers you can get for any Amex cards you have! As you can see, I lost out on 7,500 points for not using this link to refer my partner!

American Express refer a friend bonus











Oh well, lesson learned.