When I did my Europe trip this summer my first stop was London for four days, three nights. This was my first time in London and I wasn’t quite sure where to stay. London is very spread out so you have a number of options of where you could stay. I decided to stay at the DoubleTree – Tower of London which is located in the Financial District.

My main reasons for picking this hotel were:

  1. It was a Hilton, so  I wanted to collect HHonor points.
  2. I was able to book a suite for significantly cheaper than other Hilton hotels in London.
  3. Reviews for the rooftop bar were phenomenal! (I like to drink, so hey… having a popular rooftop bar in my hotel was pretty sweet!)

I was able to book a King City Suite for roughly $645 per night. ( I used miles from my Capital One Venture card to pay for 90% of the purchase!) For European standards, the room was quite large. It offered a separate living room area with a nice flat screen TV and Bose surround system. The windows were floor to ceiling and had drapes you close at night so people can’t see in.


Here are a few pics of the living room and floor to ceiling windows:


DoubleTree Tower of London



DoubleTree Tower of London


DoubleTree Tower of London

The suite had one and half baths. The hallway that lead to the living room had a nice half bath with just a toilet and sink. This is convenient when you have multiple people staying in the suite with you. The full bath was attached to the master bedroom and you can’t get to it unless you walk through the bedroom.

Here is a picture of the master bathroom:

DoubleTree Tower of London

I apologize for not having additional pictures, but I think these give you a good idea of what you can expect if you were to stay at this hotel. My favorite feature of the hotel was of course the rooftop bar! We visited the bar every night, and each night it was packed. I like a crowded bar because I’m social and like meeting new people! The one thing I didn’t like about the rooftop bar is that they would close the patio about an hour and half before closing time! I never found out the reasoning behind this, but when that happened it made the indoor bar even more crowded. I actually enjoy being outside on a nice summer night, so this was a little disappointing.

Would I recommend staying in this hotel? Yes, the location was a little far off from the London Eye and Buckingham Palace, but I did mention that London is spread out. So no matter where you stay, you’ll most likely end up having to take some sort of public transportation or taxi to get around. We used the Underground and a hop-on hop-off tour bus to get around all 4 days.

One last thing to note, this hotel was located in the Financial District which ended up being very quiet at night time and even more quieter on the weekend. If you’re looking for things to do around your hotel at night time such as clubs, bars, etc. then this hotel may not be for you.