Delta and Hilton often partner up together to run a promotion where you can earn 250 Delta MQMs after staying 2 nights at any Hilton hotel or resort within the Hilton portfolio. 250 MQMs is not a lot, but for those of you who are just a couple hundred short from reaching Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond with Delta, this is a much ¬†better option than buying MQMs! I know there’s people out there who are just shy of earning their status, because I was roughly 205 MQMs short back in October from reaching Silver status with Delta!

Delta announced that you can buy MQMs again this year. However, the prices are STEEP! If you need 250 MQMs to earn your status with Delta, going the Hilton route is a much better option. You can stay a night at a cheap Hilton for about $100 a night. Stay 2 nights and you’re only looking at $200 + taxes. Delta doesn’t allow you to buy anything less than 2,500 MQMs, so if you were to buy your MQMs through Delta, you’re looking at $625 MINIMUM.

Delta and Hilton 250 MQMs

Delta and Hilton have partnered up once again to offer you 250 Delta MQMs when you stay 2 nights at any Hilton hotel or resort within the Hilton portfolio.

How to signup for this promotion

  1. Visit this link and register with your HHonors account to qualify.
  2. Login to your account and¬†change your earning style to “Points and Miles” (This is found under My Profile >> Preferences)
  3. In your account, Select Delta Air Lines as your “Preferred Travel Partners” and make sure to enter your SkyMiles number. (Again, this is found under My Profile >> Preferences)
  4. Complete your stay by December 20, 2014.


After you complete your 2 night stay, you should see your account updated within 30 days with your 250 MQMs! Be sure to stay on top of this to make sure the correct miles and points actually get posted. I completed this promotion back in October and Hilton reported to Delta that I only stayed 1 night when in fact I stay 2 nights. I had to make 3-4 phone calls and get Hilton to resend the data over to Delta. It took about 2 weeks to get straitened out!