As Teddy and I gear up for our trip to Italy in April, I planned everything out day by day on a Microsoft Word calendar template that I found for the month of April. We have a few days to spare, so I decided to see how much it would cost to visit Paris, France for 3 nights. I looked into taking a train, but that was out of the question once I discovered how long it would take to get to Paris. I then hopped over to, which is one of my favorite sites to check for airline tickets. I found 1-way ticket prices for under $100 on EasyJet. Excellent! We’ll get to visit 2 countries in 1 trip.

In all honesty, I have never heard of EasyJet before. From what I gathered, it seems to be a budget airline for Europe that can be compared to Spirit Airlines for us here in the United States. EasyJet follows the same motto as Spirit, where they charge you a substantial amount of money if you check your bag at the airport and they’ll charge you to pick your seat ahead of time. The big difference between EasyJet and Spirit is that EasyJet allows you to bring a carry-on item onboard without charging you.

While EasyJet doesn’t go to every destination, their map shows a substantial amount of cities:

EasyJet Destination Map

EasyJet travels to most major cities. We’ll fly from Venice to Paris, and then from Paris to Milan all for around $170 per person! At the time of this post, EasyJet claims to fly 759 routes!

Since our award ticket back to the United States departs from Milan, we have to catch a flight from Paris to Milan. Therefore, we essentially booked 2 one-way tickets with EasyJet. Venice >> Paris, and Paris >> Milan. The grand total came to about $170 per person. It could have been cheaper, but we decided to pick our seats in the first row for an additional $15 or so.

We ended up charging the tickets to Teddy’s Capital One Venture card and erased the charges with miles. So essentially we’ll be flying to Paris for free! Not only that, but we’re using Teddy’s 140,000 Ritz Carlton points to stay at the Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel for free! It cost 135,000 points for the entire stay, but we won’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

Seat Map

As mentioned before, depending on if you want to pick your seat ahead of time with EasyJet, you may have to pay for it depending on which section you choose.

EasyJet Seat Map

EasyJet doesn’t charge to pick a seat in the back of the plane, but this is a less than desirable location.

As shown in the picture above, an section that is outlined as “EasyJet Plus” will cost you if you want your seat in that section. We picked the seats in the very front labeled as “XL”. While I thought it would have cost more to have a seat in the front, it ended up only being about $15 extra per person! Not bad to have extra legroom and depart from the plane first.

While I haven’t flown EasyJet yet, I would compare their XL seats to Economy Comfort seats found on airlines here in the United States. When I hover over the “More” link, EasyJet claims that their XL seats also come with dedicated bag drop and speedy boarding. This is EasyJet’s version of “First Class”, but without the meal service.

EasyJet Plus

Are you a frequent flyer of EasyJet? They now offer EasyJet Plus for £149 per year (roughly $229 USD). If you join the EasyJet Plus program, you’ll be able to pick your seats ahead of time absolutely free. In addition to picking your seat, you’ll also get dedicated bag drop and speedy boarding. Speedy boarding will allow you to find overhead compartment space ahead of time before all the bins are full.

EasyJet Plus

EasyJet Plus is quite expensive. I think it only makes sense to join EasyJet Plus program if you were a frequent traveler on their airline.


What is dedicated bag drop? When I first read this, I thought that my luggage would be first off the plane. It’s actually the exact opposite. According to EasyJet’s website, dedicated bag drop is described as “Avoid the queues – simply drop your bags off at the dedicated desk.” This means you won’t have to wait in line to drop your bags off.

Wrap Up

The next time you’re in Europe and you have a couple days to spare, check out EasyJet and see if they fly to a destination you’d like to visit. All the major airlines wanted roughly $450 – $600 to fly from Italy to Paris, and we were able to score round-trip tickets for around $170 per person! EasyJet offers affordable 1-way tickets, so don’t think you have to return to the city you departed from!

If you have experience flying EasyJet, I would love to hear about it! Please share below in the comments section 🙂