Who are you?

I’m a guy who likes risky behaviour. That’s why I started this site to document my journey in this world.

Why the name Arashu?

You might have noticed that the domain name is very similair to my real name – Arash. Well Arash.com and my firstnamelastname.com was unfortunately taken and I hate the idea of having a non-dot-com extension so I decided to take on the nickname “Arashu” instead. When I vacationed in Japan people called me Arashu because in japanese you can’t end a “sh” sound without an u in the end. So while brainstorming names for my site I figured why not take the nickname that was given by me by others. There wasn’t really that much thought to it.

Which camera do you use?

I’m actually only using my s7 galaxy. I’m quite lazy when it comes to photography even though I like it.

Best way to contact you for asking a question?

Don’t use my email! That’s pretty much only for business related inquires(advetisers, brands). Best way to contact me is through instagram.