UPDATE: And just like that, the fares are gone! I am no longer seeing $355 – $395 flights in October or January ;-( Hopefully you got in on this deal!

Looking to get away sometime in the next 10 months? United has round-trip tickets to Honolulu, Hawaii for as low as $395! Dates are open all the way through January of 2016!

You can look for flights on other websites such as Kayak.com, but I decided to stick with United.com.

There is one stipulation to this fare alert, you must be flying out of a Delta hub since United is competing with them right now. This still leaves quite a few options open, hence why I’m posting this fare deal. I’m flying out of Minneapolis, but you have other airports available such as Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

There’s no telling how long these prices are going to last, so you’ll want to act fast! I booked round-trip tickets for Teddy and me in January of next year. The grand total was $789, but I put the charges on my Capital One Venture card so I could erase a portion of the purchase with 30,000 miles to take another $300 off the purchase price! Our grand total came to $489 for 2 round-trip tickets to Hawaii! What a deal!

Flight Examples out of Minneapolis, Saint Paul:
United Hawaii Fare Alert

United airlines has round-trip tickets to Honolulu, Hawaii for only $395! Teddy and I will be going for 2 weeks!

Don’t live near a Delta hub?

You can still get in on this deal! You could use British Airways Avios to fly to a nearby Delta hub for as little as 4,500 Avios one-way. I recently found this great interactive map that allows you to type in your home airport and it’ll show you all the different routes you can fly using Avios.

If you currently don’t have a British Airways account or have Avios to spend, that’s alright! You can actually transfer your American Express Membership Rewards points or Chase Ultimate Rewards points to British Airways.

Avios Map

Use Avios to fly out of Charlotte, NC to all these nearby airports!

Just look at the map above! You can fly out of Charlotte, NC to all these nearby airports for only 4,500 Avios one-way!

Dates and prices to Honolulu

I tried searching out of Atlanta and Denver and I wasn’t able to locate cheap tickets in July or January. So it appears you might have to do a little digging. Just make sure that when you are searching for tickets you always check the box that says “my dates are flexible.” This will display the cheapest price.

Prices will fluctuate! Some are reporting tickets as cheap as $355. Since I planned on going to Hawaii anyway in January, I was happy to find $395 for the exact dates I needed.

If you don’t find tickets right away, keep looking for random months and days to see what comes up! I was lucky enough to plop in a Saturday to Saturday for 2 weeks and score a $395 round-trip ticket with all taxes included!


Let me know in the comments below if you score a cheap ticket to Hawaii!