If you follow me on Twitter, then you might have seen my Tweet that shows a pic of the new Samsung 34″ curved monitor that I bought for my new in home office. Since curved displays are new technology, you do pay a premium for this feature. That means I was on the hunt for the BEST deal and to earn cash back on my purchase.

Chances are you’ve heard of FatWallet.com. I often search for coupon codes on Google before I make an online purchase. Fat Wallet has a community driven forum that allows members to post deals they find online. Other than finding coupon codes in Google, I’ve never paid much attention to the rest of the site.

What is Fat Wallet?

FatWallet.com is a shopping portal that offers cash back at over 10,000 retailer stores! It’s completely free to sign-up for a Fat Wallet account and all you have to do is login to your account before you begin shopping. Fat Wallet has a special button that you have to click that will bring you to the retailer’s site.

Make sure you click the link to the retailer on Fat Wallet’s site! Otherwise you will not receive cash back for your purchase!

Fat Wallet NewEgg

If you don’t click the button on Fat Wallet’s website, you won’t receive cash back. You have to visit the retailer’s site through Fat Wallet’s shopping portal.

After buying my new computer monitor and graphics card, I received a confirmation within 24 hours showing that I earned $25 cash back on my purchase! That’s a pretty good deal for a purchase I was already going to make! Who doesn’t enjoy earning money back?

There are other shopping portals!

Fat Wallet isn’t the only shopping portal! CashBackMonitor.com is a site that will tell you who has the best offer for the retailer you’re looking to shop at. What I really like about Cash Back Monitor is that it will tell you who has the best cash back offer, miles offer and credit card points. So whether you’re looking to earn cash back or extra miles with your travel credit card, Cash Back Monitor will easily display this information for you.

Cash Back Monitor

CashBackMonitor.com is a great website to tell you who has the best cash back or miles opportunity for a specific retailer.

With Cash Back Monitor, just find your favorite retailer and click on the link. In the example above, I’ve chosen Macy’s. Cash Back Monitor will show you which shopping portal has the best cash back option or what airline has the best miles rate.

Find the best deal

I personally use Google’s free tool called Froogle.com. Froogle will search thousands of online retailers for the best price. It’s not always accurate, but it does sometimes find amazing deals! For instance, I purchased a new couch for my office and I was about to buy it from WayFair and Froogle found it from a company out in Brooklyn, NY for $200 cheaper!


Froogle saved me $200 on a couch I bought for my new office! Google will search thousands of online retailers for the cheapest price. Just type the product you’re searching for in the search box on the top.

Once Froogle displays the best deals, I ‘ll sort by price and then see if any of the retailers are part of the cash back program at FatWallet.com or CashBackMonitor.com.

So what did I get my Samsung monitor for?

Well it sells on Amazon for over $1,300 after taxes. I ended up finding the same monitor on sale at NewEgg.com for $999 + $100 off coupon. Not only that, but Fat Wallet is offering 2% cash back on New Egg purchases, so this took another $18 off. I ended up getting the monitor for $882! That’s over $400 cheaper than Amazon since I don’t have to pay tax on New Egg purchases!

How to receive your cash back?

You don’t get your cash back right away. Fat Wallet has to make sure you don’t return your purchase, so your money will be pending for over a month. Once the money posts to your account you can request a check in the mail or you can have the funds sent to your PayPal account.


Do you have any shopping tips to add for other THG readers? Share them below in the comments section!