Fukuoka is my favorite city in Japan not named Osaka or Tokyo. Foreigners stand out here a little bit more than in Tokyo and Osaka but you will definitely not the be the first foreigner that Fukuoka residents lay eyes on. There has been steady increase of foreigners even in 2nd tier japanese cities so it’s quite rare to get a lot of stares that used happen a lot back in the days.

The nightlife is welcoming for foreigners, you don’t need to worry about getting in. But there is also a downside, if your main objective is hooking up(which I assume it is) then keep in mind that the novelty factor has diminished greatly. As usual Fukuoka has one main strength over Tokyo: there are more women than men. It has one of the most favorable demographics if you’re a single guy and it shows when you venture out in the nightlife as the ratios aren’t completely horrible as they usually are in Tokyo these days.

The Happy Cock

The mainstream club/bar that all foreigner sin fukouoka has probably visited atleast once. I know you might suspect it’s your typical roppongi-clone shit club but it’s actually not that bad. All you can drink for 3000 yen(men), 2000 yen for women.

Ritz Spooky Mix

Nice music and good amount of seats in this bar. Can’t say much aboutthis bar since I’ve been here only once but the venue seemed and people were talkative. Prices were average.

Blue Bar

A chill bar that’s not that crowded. I like starting the night at this bar with friends.

Club X

Crowded club on weekends, nice atmosphere and easy to get in if you’re a foreigner.