may be the next best tool I found to add to my favorites. I was trying to book 2 nights in April at the Hilton Stucky in Venice, Italy, but they are completely sold out of every single room. I know there is a service called Expert Flyer which notifies you when award space opens up on airlines, so I thought there must be something similar for hotel rooms!

Hotel Room Alerts looks to be a very promising tool. I reached out to the company to answer a few questions and I received a response back.

How service works:

  • You setup an alert to be notified for a specific hotel when a room becomes available.
  • You can select the room type you’re looking for.
  • Hotel Room Alerts searches for vacancy through
  • They check inventory throughout the day based on their algorithm.
Hotel Room Alerts will search inventory for you throughout the day and notify you when your room type becomes available for booking!
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My questions for

  • Does your service check the hotel’s website directly for availability or does it only compare to
    • Right now, our service only checks availability via
  • If you don’t check a hotel’s website directly, such as or, are there any plans to add this feature later on?
    • Absolutely. We plan to partner up directly with the larger chains such as Marriott, Hilton, IHG, etc. so that we can provide our users an opportunity to book rooms directly through the hotels themselves. Furthermore, we recently partnered up with and we’re currently implementing their inventory and availability information into our database. We plan to partner up with all of the OTA’s so that we offer a meta-search engine and allow our users to choose who they would like to book their rooms through, whether that be directly through the hotel or any specific OTA of their choosing since most travelers have loyalty programs with one specific hotel and/or OTA. 
  • How often does your site check for availability?
    • Our website is continuously checking availability around the clock dependent upon our algorithm which adjusts based on many factors including nearness to the check-in date, length of stay, and time of day.  
  • How often are you adding hotels to the site?
    • We’re constantly adding hotels to our database as we continue to partner with more hotels and OTA’s. You’ll notice that our website currently says that we have 170,000 hotels in our database, which is true. However, as soon as we complete our integration, we’ll have 580,000 individual hotel properties across the globe listed in our database. 
Hotel Room can notify you when your hotel has vacancy! Their website compares inventory to and will soon add


Although Hotel Room Alerts does not pull inventory directly from the hotel’s website, this can still be a great tool to be notified if you’re looking for a specific hotel property. Since I was trying to use 2 free night certificates at the Hilton Stucky in Venice, I needed the inventory to be available on Hilton’s website.

If Hotel Room Alerts can partner up with the major hotel chains as mentioned above, then this tool is basically going to be the Expert Flyer for hotel award rooms. Since hotels set aside inventory for booking companies such as, this tool might not be completely accurate if you’re looking to book your stay directly through the hotel’s website.


Thanks to Dylan from for taking the time to answer my questions!