I started my travel hacking in February of 2014, and since then I’ve earned almost 1,000,000 miles between me and my partner’s accounts! I dived right into the travel hacking/manufactured spending game and I started buying $2k – $5k worth of gift cards right off the bat. I’m fortunate enough that my job is very low key, I work the overnight shift, and I’ve been able to invest hundreds of hours in reading forums, blogs, etc.

So here’s a quick breakdown of how I’ve earned almost 1,000,000 miles between our accounts:

2x Barclaycard Arrival+ accounts at 40,000 miles each = 80,000 miles.

5x Citi AAdvantage Executive cards at 100,000 miles each = 500,000 + $50k in spending = 550,000 miles.

1x Capital One Venture card at 20,000 mile + 120,000 miles in manufactured spending = 140,000 miles.

2x American Express Platinum cards at 40,000 miles each = 80,000 miles.

1x Chase Sapphire Preferred = 45,000 miles + $5k in spending = 50,000 miles.


All these cards put together add up to 900,000 miles! Now I do have an Amex Hilton Surpass card that has 150,000 points on it, but I’m not counting this towards my grand total since Hilton points are calculated different. If I were to include all my points total, then I would be over a million points.

I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring!