Now that I’ve been approved for the Virgin Atlantic card, I’ll be working hard to earn my 75,000 miles. Since I live in Minneapolis I really have no need for Virgin Atlantic miles. Therefore, I am going to be using the miles to book award seats on Delta! I have a friend who is going to Singapore in January and I was thinking this card would be a good option for him since he could collect the miles and then use them for an award seat on Delta. The only problem is he didn’t know how to find Delta flights with Virgin Atlantic miles!

When airlines partnerĀ together, they don’t always make it easy for you to use your miles on another airline. The very first thing most of us do is hop on the airline’s website and start searching for flights. Well that’s not the case with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles.

Virgin and Delta Airlines

Here’s how you can spend Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles on Delta:

  1. Call Virgin Atlantic Flying Club team atĀ 1-800-365-9500.
  2. Let the customer service rep know you’re looking to book a Delta flight with your miles. They will check availability and mileage required.

Keep in mind that when you go to book a Delta award flight with Virgin Atlantic miles, Virgin is probably only going to have availability for the lowest award seats (AKA Saver). I have yet to call Virgin to see what the availability options are like, but if you find out please leave me a comment below!