So this is probably one of my most non-efficient way to use your time, miles, effort, etc. but I thought I would share it anyway since I just redeemed just a little over 15,000 miles to wipe away $150 in Uber rides with my Capital One Venture card.

So how can I get 50% off each Uber ride?

If your Uber ride was $50, you would need 5,000 miles to wipe away the charge. Here’s how I would get 5,000 miles fast:

  1. Visit my local CVS or grocery store and pick up $2,500 worth of Visa gift cards and make sure to charge it to a card like the Capital One Venture card or the Barclaycard Arrival card to earn double miles on your purchase. A $2,500 purchase would get you 5,000 miles.
  2. In order to buy $2,500 worth of Visa gift cards you would need to buy 5 x $500 gift cards. If each gift card comes with a $4.95 activation fee then you’re paying $24.75 for your 5,000 miles!
  3. Once the 5,000 miles post to your account, make sure to charge your Uber ride to the same card so that when the Uber ride transaction posts, you can wipe away the charge with your miles!

Now if you’re asking “what am I going to do with $2,500 worth of gift cards?” Then read my Beginner’s Guide here and start reading from step #2.


So there you go! A $50 Uber ride you could get for $24.75. Not a bad deal if you think the time and effort is worth it!