On June 19th, Walmart updated their POS systems to no longer take Vanilla branded Visa gift cards. If you’re trapped and don’t know how to get rid of your Vanilla gift cards, I have found a way to unload them. I am an impatient person and I can’t use Amazon Payments since I’m already maxed out with them for the month. They only allow $1,000 to be sent each month. So what I’ve done is purchased Metabank Visa gift  cards at my grocery store with my Vanilla Visa gift cards.

The Metabank Visa gift cards do cost $1 extra (5.95). Therefore, I walked into my local grocery store to buy 2 gift cards at $494.05 each. The store did not have a problem buying gift cards with gift cards. I’m a frequent shopper at this grocery store and pretty much all the managers know me by now since a manager’s approval is required each time a gift card is purchased. I simply explained to them that Walmart was no longer taking the Vanilla gift cards, but Metabank gift cards were still working.

Below is  picture of the Vanilla gift cards I had on me for about a week. (I hate sitting on gift cards like this, so I wanted to get them unloaded as fast as possible.)

Vanilla Visa gift cards

Now here is the Metabank gift cards I buy at my local grocery store. They are $5.95 each, but at least I can continue to load Visa gift cards to my BlueBird account at Walmart.

Metabank Visa gift cards

The Metabank Visa gift cards are a little different than the Vanilla gift  cards when it comes to entering a PIN. With the Vanilla gift cards you used to be able to select any PIN at checkout. With the Metabank gift cards your default PIN is the last 4 digits of the gift card.

So there you have it! You can continue to load BlueBird at your Walmart with Visa gift cards! Just make sure it isn’t a Vanilla gift card! If you find a gift card that is different than Metabank, you may want to purchase a small amount in case it doesn’t work when you visit your local Walmart. If it does work, then feel free to share your results below in the comment section!