Amex Offers gives out millions in free money each year. Sometimes the offers are great, and other times not so great. I always see fellow bloggers post amazing Amex Offers that are being targeted towards them and it seems like I never get them! The more American Express cards you have, the more chances you have of receiving the same offer multiple times.

Sometimes you may receive an Amex Offer once, while other times you could receive the same offer 4 times on 4 different cards. The general rule of thumb is that American Express only allows a customer to have a maximum of 4 revolving credit cards opened in your name. However, there is a way around the 4 card limit so you can have additional American Express cards in your name to increase your chances of receiving more Amex Offers!

2 easy ways to receive more Amex Offers

1. You could apply for a charge card since Amex charge cards do NOT count towards the 4 card limit. I’ve read mixed reports online that there’s no limit to the number of charge cards you can have. If anyone has any data points on this, please comment below. I currently have 2 charge cards open. 1 Personal and 1 Business.

What is a charge card? A charge card does not have a pre-set spending limit, but the charges have to be be paid in full every month.

2. Add yourself on to your significant other’s American Express accounts as an authorized user. This means if you and your significant other each have 4 revolving credit cards, you could have 8 American Express cards in your name. That way when you login to your account, you’ll see 8 cards with 8 chances to receive the same Amex Offer!

Multiple American Express cards

With a mixture of credit cards and charge cards, I have a total of 9 American Express cards in my name!

My Amex cards

Since Teddy and I love American Express, we each have numerous American Express cards in our name. Last week I finally went ahead and added my name onto all of his accounts and his name onto all my accounts.

List of my cards:

  1. Platinum charge card
  2. Gold Business  charge card
  3. Gold Business charge card (authorized user on Teddy’s account)
  4. Blue Cash Preferred
  5. Blue Cash Preferred (authorized user on Teddy’s account)
  6. Hilton Surpass
  7. Delta Gold
  8. Delta Gold (authorized user on Teddy’s account)
  9. Delta Platinum Business
Amex Authorized User

Add yourself onto your significant other’s Amex account as an authorized user to receive additional American Express cards!

Why I finally decided to add myself on as an authorized user

Earlier this month I reported a $25 cash back opportunity if you spent $100+ on Since this Amex offer works on gift cards, I was hoping to receive the offer numerous times so I could pick up multiple $100 Whole Foods gift cards for $25. Unfortunately, even after being added onto all of Teddy’s American Express accounts, I only received this Amex Offer on my 1 Blue Cash Preferred card.

Is it free to be added on as an authorized user?

It depends! Be careful when adding authorized users onto your American Express accounts because it could end up costing you hundreds of dollars!

I did not add Teddy on to my Platinum charge card as an authorized user because it costs $175 per year on top of the $450 annual fee! The American Express Business Gold is free for the first year for the first authorized user, but then it’s $50 thereafter.

Final thoughts

Adding yourself on as an authorized user does not result in a hard pull on your credit. If you frequently use Amex Offers, then I think it’s worth it to add yourself on to your significant other’s Amex accounts and vice versa!