I still don’t think it’s a good idea to manufacture spend with American Express if you value your relationship with Amex. However, if you’re going to do a little manufactured spending with Amex, I would NOT recommend sending a BlueBird payment directly to your American Express credit card.

BlueBird is by American Express. Sending a payment from BlueBird to one of your Amex cards is probably not a good idea, because American Express may have a system setup to detect these type of payments. They would just have to do a simple review on your account to detect if you’re manufacture spending on one of their credit cards.

So how do you send money from your BlueBird to your Amex card? You can order checks for your BlueBird account. Right now you can get 100 checks for free until June. After that, you’ll have to purchase your checks. Let’s say you buy a $500 gift card with your Amex SPG card and then you head on over to Wal-Mart and deposit that gift card into your BlueBird account. Instead of transferring the money directly from BlueBird to your Amex card via BlueBird’s BillPay, you’re going to want write a check with your BlueBird checkbook. You can then deposit the check into your regular bank account. Once the money posts to your bank account, send a BillPay from your bank account to your Amex card.


My recommendations: 

1. Don’t send too many payments to Amex in 1 month. This might trigger their system to review your account.

2. Don’t try and manufacture spend too much in any given month. Try keeping it below $1,000 for each transacation.

3. If you’re going to buy a $500 gift card and the activation fee is $3.95, $4.95, etc. don’t let the total come to $503.95. This is an obvious gift card purchase and Amex’s internal system will probably flag this purchase. Throw a pack of gum on your gift card purchase to offset the total.


Hopefully these tips help!