If you have an American Express card and you haven’t paid any attention to Amex Offers, then you need to start. You’re passing up free money! I went out with a friend last night for a couple of beers and he mentioned that he saw my Facebook post on how I got $100 in BP gas gift cards for only $80. Yes, $20 free in gas!

There are a number of ways to sign-up for Amex Offers. You can link your account to your social media like Facebook and Twitter, or you can login to your AmericanExpress.com account and click on the Amex Offers tab for each card. Don’t worry, I’ll show you below.

My most recent Amex Offer that I claimed

Spend $50 at Lowe’s or Lowes.com and receive $10 back by 04/17/2015.

Why do I care so much about Lowe’s? Because they sell gift cards to plenty of stores that I shop at! Before this week, I probably haven’t stepped foot in a Lowe’s in over 3 years.┬áJust because you don’t shop at Lowe’s doesn’t mean you can’t claim your $10!

If you like the thought of free money, then check the offer on every single American Express card you have. Sometimes the offer will appear more than once! Teddy and I got the offer 3 times.

Gift card rack

Look for the gift card rack your local Lowe’s store. You should be able to find a gift card that you could use for the future.

I decided to go with 2 $50 BP gas gift cards. While I did see other gift cards for stores such as Amazon and Starbucks, I went with a gas gift card since I always need it. Had I purchased an Amazon gift card, this would have only encouraged me to spend MORE money. I’m trying to get free money back on everyday products that I use! Therefore, gas it is ;-(

BP gift card via Amex Offers

Lowe’s sells gift cards. I decided to go with a BP gas gift card since I always need gas.

Keep in mind that gift cards purchased on Lowes.com will NOT qualify for the Amex Offer! You physically have to go to a Lowe’s store and purchase your gift cards.

How to check for for the Offer in your AmericanExpress.com account

While the offers are not always listed in your AmericanExpress.com account, you can check by clicking on the Amex Offers tab.

Amex Offers Tab

Once you click on the Amex Offers tab, you’ll see the offers appear below. Make sure to check this section weekly for new deals.

Better yet, I would sync your Amex card up with Twitter. That way you can just create a Tweet and include the hashtag for the Amex Offer you’re interested in. Not sure what the deals are on Twitter? Follow @AmexOffers and you’ll be up to speed =)