Paul the grappler who is a las vegas veteran and MMA betting specialist raked in $1.4 million capping MMA fights in 2017. Here’s here to share his tips.

Question: Great year you’ve had, let’s get to the fun parts immediately, what was your biggest win and biggest loss?

Answer: Thanks. The biggest win was Darren Till over Cerrone was my biggest win. Even though he wasn’t a big underdog I made a very large bet on him, $80K to be exact. Biggest loss, well I had many big losses last year even though I had a good year I did still go on bad stretches. Jorge Masvidal losing the split decision against Demian Maia cost me big time, $60,000 to be exact. Yeah, that hurt!

Question: Interesting, you said that you also Went on bad stretches even though you killed it last year, could you talk a Little bit more about that?

Answer: Sure, it’s nothing unusual. Nobody is beating this game every week, even though I had the best year of my betting career I still moments where I lost significant amounts.. However, I never had a losing month last year, only losing weeks. At the most I think I went on a 3 week losing streak. Luckily my losing streaks was usually followed by massive winning streaks. It wasn’t exactly a linear growth in my bankroll size, hah!

Question: That seems to be overall theme for most vegas veterans, up and down but at the end of the month it’s usually up but certain weeks can be brutal. I think that’s a good lesson for casual bettors to learn that even the professionals go on downswings but they keep their cool and eventually end up in the black.

Answer: Yeah that’s right, it’s literally impossible to never go on a downswing but in the end it doesn’t matter if you end up profiting when all is said and done.

Question: Now on to our final question, what do you have to say to newcomers and the future of MMA?

Answer: There is still a lot of money to be made from betting on MMA because most people don’t know how to properly analyze fights so you see weird betting lines all. As long as most people are bad at predicting MMA fights there will be money to make from betting.


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