I logged into my Delta.com account tonight to see if I could find a reasonable upgrade to First Class for my Las Vegas trip coming up in October. I didn’t find one, but I did come across Delta’s Mileage Booster where you can top off your SkyMiles account by purchasing an extra 1,000, 2,0000, or 3,0000 miles for each segment of your trip. The more miles you buy, the better the price. Here’s the pricing structure from Delta’s website:

  • 1,000 miles = $29
  • 2,000 miles = $44
  • 3,000 miles = $59
Is Delta Mileage Booster worth it

3,000 miles would cost $59 each way. $118 round-trip.

I would be able to buy a grand total of 6,000 Delta SkyMiles for $118. I’ve always skipped over the Mileage Booster section when checking out, but I actually did some calculations tonight and the pricing isn’t that bad. Let’s say I did in fact purchase 6,000 miles for $118. That would be roughly 1.9 cents per mile. Not too bad when you compare it to the prices mentioned further down this article.

Should you boost your miles?

I wouldn’t suggest buying miles for the heck of it. The only time I would buy miles is if I know I’m going to be booking an award seat soon and I’m short on miles. I’m going to earn roughly 2,600 miles from my Las Vegas trip. If this didn’t top off my account for an upcoming award ticket that I want to book, then I would use Mileage Booster. Luckily for me I have over 100,000 SkyMiles sitting in my account right now and I will not be booking any Delta award seats in the near future.

How does this compare to buying miles directly from Delta?

If you take a look here on Delta’s website, you could purchase 6,000 SkyMiles for $210 + taxes. For me, this came to a grand total of $225.75. When I went to checkout for 6,000 miles via Mileage Booster, there were no taxes for a grand total of $118. That’s a difference of $107.75.

Buying Delta SkyMiles

You can buy 6,000 SkyMiles from Delta’s site for $210 + taxes. This is roughly 3.7 cents per mile. Definitely not a good deal.

So make sure you know ahead of your departure date if you need to top off your SkyMiles account! Purchasing miles via Mileage Booster for about 1.9 cents per mile is a better deal than purchasing direct from Delta’s website at 3.7 cents per mile.