My last few blog posts I’ve been mentioning the Diners Club Elite card. This card offers 3x points on gas, grocery and drugstore purchases. Excellent categories if you’re into manufactured spending to earn some quick points! The best thing about this card is there’s no limit to how many points you can earn.

I’ve read on a message board that one customer earned 30,000 points in 1 month and transferred those to his SPG account. That’s huge! My guess is he bought $10k in gift cards at a grocery store. Each gift card probably came with a $5.95 activation fee, which means he would have spent $119 for 30,000 points. Not too bad! However, there’s been many reports online where customers accounts have been frozen for weeks and unable to use their card. Is Diners Club shutting down manufactured spenders?

Diners Club Consumer Credit Cards

Diners Club recently launched two new consumer credit cards with the MasterCard logo so they can be accepted globally at over 38 million locations.

I have yet to apply for the Diners Club Elite card. I was going to apply in December, but it looks like I’ll hold off now until I see further data points that Diners Club is friendly to customers who spend large amounts of money in the 3x points categories.

Data Points

  • MyFico Forums has a 10+ page thread about Diners Club accounts being locked. The original poster’s brother bought gift cards and his account is now locked. Customer service hasn’t been any help.
  • MyFico Forums again. This customer’s card has been locked for 3 weeks, but his points did post to his account and he was able to transfer them out of his account.
  • FlyerTalk – Accounts locked after making “large” purchases of around $500 or more. Diners Club must either think these are gift cards or fraud.

Ayase on FlyerTalk says,

My account is still locked after almost a week. Called again today and was told after on hold for 15 minutes that their risk management group will review and give me a call.

It also looks like spending money at Target is another red flag to get your account shutdown. This makes absolutely no sense since we’re in the holiday season and customers are making big purchases at Wal-Mart and Target this time of year.

Diners Club has taken down the option to apply for both credit cards on their website. There’s speculation that Diners Club was caught off guard with how many applications they received. Whatever it is, I’m glad I did not apply right away. I’ll be watching this topic closely as the Elite card was a top priority for me due to the generous 3x points on the Elite card.