In my opinion, the easiest way to manufacture spend is to buy gift cards that come with a 4 digit PIN and then deposit the gift cards into your BlueBird account. Most Walmart’s have a money kiosk that allow you to load your BlueBird account without any interaction with a Walmart employee. However, I’m reading more and more reports on FlyerTalk that Walmart managers are watching us to see if we’re using gift cards to load our BlueBird account.

I often load half my BlueBird cards at the kiosk and the other half with a cashier at the front lanes. The other day I was standing in line waiting to load money with a cashier when a manager opened the lane next to me and he called me over. I instructed him that I wanted to load $500 to my BlueBird card, and he continue without hesitation. Once the receipt printed out, I said I would like to load the BlueBird card one more time for the same amount. This is when he became a little agitated and started asking me questions. His first question was “Have you loaded money to this card already today?” I said “no“, and then he went on to ask “do you plan on loading anymore money to the card today?” Again, I said “no” and we continued with my second $500 load.

I’m not sure where he was trying to go with his questions, but I’ll be sure to avoid him in the future!

Walmart BlueBird Kiosk

This is what a standard money center kiosk looks like. My kiosk does not have the side panels for privacy, so it’s very easy for a manager to stand behind me and see what I’m doing.

Should I be concerned?

on ┬áscale of 1 – 10, I’m at a 3. In the beginning I used to walk up and load 3 BlueBird cards with one cashier. The last 3 – 4 months I’ve been loading most of my money at the kiosk, then loading 1 BlueBird card with a cashier, and finally heading back over to the kiosk to load more money.

Remember, you can only load $1,999.99 every 10 minutes at a money kiosk.

knopfler from FlyerTalk reports that a Walmart manager stood behind him about 10 feet to watch what he is doing. This is a common practice in Southern California, according to most FlyerTalk members in the area. A manager watches your every move and if they notice a gift card in your hand, they walk up to the machine and shut you down.

If Walmart ever does stop accepting gift cards as a form of payment, this would seriously be a big blow to the manufactured spending community. It would probably cause most to go into hibernation until another method pops up.