Kiev is one of the harder cities to crack as a foreigner who have no local connections. Be very careful of the scams . Also, nightlife in the centre of Kiev scam or not can be get expensive even though Ukraine is supposed to be cheap. You have to understand that workings Girls is an integral part of Kiev nightlife. You need to venture out of the city centre to the more cheap places if you actually find normal locals but even then the “good girls” don’t go nightclubbing in Kiev.

The second thing you should know as a foreign bachelor(if you’re reading nightlife guide about Kiev i’m guessing you’re a dude interested in hooking up) you will often come off as a sex tourist to the local women. Unfortunately a lot of foreign men have ventured into Ukraine to met professionals and engage in pay for play, this has made a lot of ukrainans to start viewing foreign guys in a negative light. If a ukrainan girl asks what the purpose of your stay is then answer cautiosly. On the surface it sounds like an innocent small talk polite question but in reality she’s wondering if you’re in the sex tourist category.

Carribean Club

Expensive and an OK venue. If you couldn’t figure it out by the name alone, they play salsa music at this club. Here’s the problem with this club, lots of older sex tourists type fellas and working girls. If you’re coming here to find an innocent ukrainan girl to hook up with keep looking. You will most likely just end up running into a working girl.


Nice cozy bar and club. Typical house music. Yet again you will run into working girls however I would there are more non-working Girls here than in Carribean Club.


Basically a clone of SkyBar. Cozy place but you will run into working girls and yet again not as bad as carribean club.