Not sure what to get a frequent traveler for Christmas? I have a recommendation for you! I received my Pacsafe Luggage Venture Safe 150 GII from Amazon in the mail a couple days ago. My mother gave us an Amazon gift card to order the bag of our choice. She knows Teddy and I are a bit clueless and we’re known for leaving stuff  behind. This is an excellent gift for our upcoming trip to Seattle in February, and Italy in April!

What I like about the Pacsafe

I knew we needed some sort of bag for our Italy trip in April to hold our wallets, cell phones and camera. I didn’t want to carry around a backpack because they can be cumbersome and I didn’t want a fanny pack, well because it’s a fanny pack. The Pacsafe is a nice sized, over the shoulder bag. To put the size into perspective, it’s big enough to hold a large water bottle with room for a few smaller items.

A must have feature for us was the bag needed a front facing option that could be worn across our chest. I’ve read stories about pickpocketing in Europe, and especially Italy. I didn’t want to leave the pockets on my back for anyone to open when I’m not looking. The Pacsafe is a perfect solution to this!

Wearing the Pacsafe across your chest is also a great way to prevent theft. Someone won’t be able to run up to you and rip the Pacsafe off your shoulder since it has to be put on over your head.

Pacsafe Luggage Venture Safe 150 GII

The Pacsafe Luggage Venture allows you to wear it in the back or front. It’s small enough where it won’t look funny wearing it in the front.


The cost is $65 and if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll receive the gift in time for Christmas.

If you don’t have Prime shipping, you MUST order the Pacsafe by today in order to receive the item by Christmas. I read on CNet 2 days ago that Amazon ‘vows’ items ordered by Friday, December 19th, will arrive in time for the holiday.