It’s no secret that my favorite way to manufacture spend and collect miles is by purchasing Visa gift cards and then unloading them into my BlueBird account at my local Wal-Mart. I always load my BlueBird account at the money kiosk in the customer service area to avoid interaction with the Wal-Mart employees. However, the kiosk only allows you load $1,999.99 every 10 minutes. The kiosk also only allows you to swipe $500 gift cards at a time. When I reach the $1,999.99 limit, I then go to a cashier and unload my remaining Visa gift cards. Some cashiers look at my funny when I say I would like to load multiple BlueBird cards and do it $500 at a time! Within the last week I’ve also had a Wal-Mart employee ask if my two BlueBird cards had the same name on them (this was a first and she was a cashier I’ve never seen before.) Fortunately they did since my dad and I have the same name. She gave me a weird look, but I went about my business and didn’t provide her with any additional information.

In the past, if I’m trying to unload $3,000 to 3 BlueBird accounts that would take 6 swipes ! I would swipe each BlueBird card twice and load $500 at a time. I admit, it does get annoying standing there swiping one card after another, especially when there is a line behind you and only 1 cashier working. I found a new way to save time and do it in half the swipes! I don’t know why a Wal-Mart cashier has never recommended this to me before, but when you’re loading $1,000 to a BlueBird card, you can do a split payment. So two swipes at $500 each. Swipe your first gift card for $500, wait for the approval, and then swipe your 2nd gift card of $500. BOOM! You’re done with that BlueBird card then. No need to swipe it a second time.

American Express BlueBird

Here’s how you can load $1,000 to your BlueBird card with a Wal-Mart cashier and only have to swipe the card once:

1. Tell the cashier you’d like to load $1,000 to your BlueBird card.

2. Swipe your BlueBird card and then approve the $1,000 amount.

3. Tell the cashier you’d like to do a split payment and put $500 on one card and $500 on another card.

4. Let the cashier tap something on their screen before you swipe your first gift card! Otherwise you’ll end up trying to approve $1,000 on a gift card that only has a balance of $500!

5. Swipe your first gift card and it will say Approved.

6. You’ll have a remaining balance due for $500. Go ahead and swipe your 2nd card and then you’re all set! $1,000 loaded to your BlueBird card in half the time!


This trick does not work at the money center kiosk. I tried entering in $1,000, but there was no split payment option from what I could see on the kiosk screen. I ended up canceling the BlueBird transaction.